Friday, January 27, 2012

Attractive domains for sale! Grab a garbain today!

I have got some domain names for sale now - check them out! Let me know if you are interested in buying anyone of them.
If you are into the HIFI business you should definitely consider to grab one or both of the following domains that I have for sale now

This domain is suitable for many different areas, but some of those that might be of interest is of course if you want to sell LINGERINE online. The other scope could be for application developers doing "apps" for mobile phones or tablet computers such as Iphone, Ipads etc. WWW.PUSH-APS.COM

The worlds most notorious rockband Mötley Crüe seem to have missed that one of their domains (the swedish one that have their odd letters in the language) is not bought by them - so now its up for sale, so you can grab it yourself

If you are into the business of Dropshiping - this domian could be one of the best to have.

There are many "heaven"-sites out there today, but still no-one has a Tablet-heaven site. Now the .com domain is for sale and ready for you to buy and to get going building up a shop or company around the Tablet computing.

Royal Underground is a clothing company from US that are owned and founded by mr Nikki Sixx from rockband Motley Crue. It seems that they missed to buy one of their most attractive possible domains for their brand. I guess that either THEY will buy it from me, or you can do so yourself! A real bargain!

We all know what industry that is one of the main drivers of internet. And within that industry one of the most attractive and valuable areas seem to be asian. Don't ask me why, but that seem to be a fact. If you are into that industry, or want to get into it. (Theres a lot of money being made there... just google it, and you will be amazed if you dont already know it). This domain will be perfect if you want to build up a dating site or similar.

There might even be a better idea if you dont know how to build your own dating site or sex-site. Go to and sign up as a "affiliate" at the site. You can get your own dating site completely free, and earn money from it. Then to get it look even more real and like it was your own - you buy the from me and connect that to your Owndating site. Time to earn some money, right!!

One of the internets biggest drivers are the affiliate marketing sites. That for sure we all know. And for those within that business all know that the key to success is to have massive amount of "clicks" and visitors. This domain name is perfect for a business where to sell and discuss about how to gain / sell / buy "clicks" or visitors. Buy it, do the right thing, and get successful! Its up to you!

I have my domains listed at that will safely take care of the brokerage if you are interested!

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